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Kat’s background as an art director in advertising leads her to use sentences like the following: This is placeholder copy. A talented copywriter will write something very clever to replace this copy. It will provide you with interesting and fascinating facts about Kat and her relevant experiences. 

The copy in this paragraph will tell you Kat can create a moment or capture one like a fly on the wall. Her experience in the New York improv scene will prompt her to write a possibly entertaining, but mostly untrue bio on the spot. It is meant to convey that she can be dropped into any situation and make something happen-like incredibly super fantastic and terrific photographs that will make you laugh, cry and want to be a better person. Or if you are already an incredible human being, you will be moved to find new ways of sharing that spirit with the world. Mostly, this bio will impress and move you to reach for the phone and call her in to talk about your next project and how she can help.